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Oceanic Deluxe Weight Belt


The Oceanic Deluxe Weight Belt is a padded pocket weight belt with velcro closure pockets designed to securely hold either shot bags or blocks. Available in a range of lengths and colours

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Product Description

The Oceanic Deluxe Weight Belt eliminates the need to thread and secure individual block weights onto a webbing weight belt. It also eliminates any problem with buckled or damaged block weights that can no longer be threaded onto a belt.

The belt is padded to reduce the discomfort of using block weights and fitted with a varying number of velcro pockets (depending on size) to safely secure either shot bags or block weights. The belt is fitted with a stainless steel cam buckle and D-rings on the end pockets

  • Small – 4 Pockets
  • Medium – 5 Pockets
  • Large – 6 Pockets
  • Extra Large – 7 Pockets

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