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Oceanic Probe HLC BCD


The Oceanic Probe HLC is a tough and durable BCD that has been designed to provide a tech orientated style but in a traditional harness fit and buoyancy hybrid configuration that provides good horizontal trim which diving and a clear, heads up position on the surface.

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The BCD uses a hybrid style single bladder that offers similar characteristics to a 360 degree donut style wing, allowing improved horizontal trim and balance whilst diving. For stability on the surface, the bladder extends behind the pockets and towards the front of the BCD giving buoyancy all the way around the BCD that will keep the head clear of the water without the feel of tipping forward with a wing. Buoyancy can be adjusted via the inflator on the left side that offers pressurised inflation, oral inflation and deflation as well as a pull dump on the left and right shoulders and rear kidney dump on the back. This configuration allows easy deflation in all orientations.

A standard style BCD harness provides a secure yet comfortable fit and allows quick adjustable via the quick release buckles on the shoulder straps, chest and waist for a customised fit. A velcro cummberbund with elasticated sections provides depth compensation to ensure the BCD remains snug throughout the dive. Strength and stability in the BCD is provided by a full height rigid backplate which is padded for extra comfort and lumber support.

The Probe HLC incorporates D-rings on the shoulder straps, either side of the waist band and beneath pocket side pockets to offer a variety of positions to attach accessories and essentials. Each side has a large zipped pockets to securely stow any accessories that can’t be clipped externally. Both side of the BCD also have pre-cut grommets for a BCD knife that can be easily accessed in an emergency. The BCD is fitted with the QLR3 integrated weight system that offers easy removal and secure mounting of up to 10kg of weight into front loading pouches. The pouch handles are made from a semi flexible rubber that allows the handles to bend for easier removal and help prevent snagging.

One the back on the BCD a standard style cam strap secures the cylinder to the BCD and also hold a trim pocket on either side of the cylinder to fine tune the divers trim in the water. A large traction pad on the back plate prevents the cylinder from sliding or repositioning once secured by the cam strap.

All UK purchases of the Oceanic Probe HLC BCD are covered by a Lifetime warranty that protects the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the BCD. To maintain the warranty the BCD must be serviced annually by an authorised Oceanic service centre or dealer but to sweeten the deal Oceanic will provide the standard service kit free of charge so you’ll only be asked to cover the labour costs of the service. Buoyancy

For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit the Oceanic Lifetime Warranty page


  • Heavy-duty tech oriented features in a jacket style BC
  • High lift capacity and minimum drag when deflated with the BioFlex® bladder
  • QLR3 Integrated Weight System
  • Rear weight pouches for improved in-water positioning
  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel d-rings
  • Knife mounting grommets
  • Two oversized zipped main pockets
  • Reflective accents
  • Adjustable depth compensating cummerbund

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