• Oceanic VT4 Dive Computer

Oceanic VT4 Dive Computer


The Oceanic VT4 is an advanced full size wrist dive computer that is capable of taking you all the way from your first dive to technical diving with features that make it simple to use for all stages in between. The VT4 is loaded with our Dual Algorithm, digital compass, optional wireless air integration, dot matrix display, Optional PC/Mac interface and many more.

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The Oceanic VT4 is a very versatile dive computer that is capable of supporting a diver from their first dive as a recreational diver to their development into technical diving thanks to the many features and functions that have been built into the computer including our Dual Algorithm technology, dot matrix display, digital compass, support for up to four wireless transmitters, gas switching between up to three different gases, customisable dive mode display and PC/Mac interface for dive profile transfer or setting and firmware uploading.

The VT4 uses a partial dot matrix display that utilises large LCD segment sections in the top and bottom of the screen for clear and easy to read numerical information such as depth or cylinder pressure. The middle section is made up of a dot matrix display that allows for better alphanumerical information such as words to be displayed in a much more readable fashion. A bar graph on either side of the display provides visual reference for ascent rate and nitrogen loading.

As with all of our dive computers the VT4 allows the diver to choose between two different decompression algorithms to optimise their bottom time based on the type of diving that is planned:

  • The Pelagic DSAT is the model that the PADI RDP table and the vast majority of other dive computers are based upon. It is perfect for repetitive, multi-level diving that you’d experience on a liveaboard or other diving holiday and provides consist dive times through the trip.
  • Pelagic Z+ gives divers the option of maximising dive time at depth, safely give more bottom time at the deepest point on one-off dives. Using this model for repetitive, multi-level dives will result in a steady loss of dive time on subsequent dives

The computer supports the use of up to four wireless transmitters which allow the monitoring and recording of cylinder pressure throughout the dive as well as calculating useful information such as air time remaining and features such as turn around pressures. The transmitters don’t even have to be connected to your regulators so you are able to pair one or more transmitters from your buddy’s regulators and then fin within range to check their gas supply status. Three different gas mixes provide support for advanced diving and accelerated decompression using higher oxygen content mixes which can be switched to during the dive.

The VT4 is also highly customisable, giving the diver a huge list of settings that can be changed to activate/deactivate alarms, change the conservatism of the decompression algorithm, modify the screen information and many other options. When connected to a PC or Mac using the interface cable, the same settings and more can be modified on the desktop and uploaded to the VT4. As well as setting changes the interface is able to automatically download firmware updates from the internet and upload it to the dive computer. Firmware updates can include anything from code refinements to new features and, crucially, do not need the dive computer to be returned to a dealer or regional office for upgrade.

An Oceanic VT4 Dive Computer that is bought and registered in the UK is covered by a Lifetime warranty that protects the original owner against manufacturing defects and faults for the entire life of the computer. To maintain the cover we only ask that the unit is serviced annually by an authorised dealer or service centre who will update your service record. A free battery service kit will be provided to the service centre so you will only need to pay for the labour cost of the service. For more information regarding the warranty programme please visit the Lifetime Warranty page


  • Powered by the Oceanic Dual Algorithm
  • Partial dot matrix display
  • Optional Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • Switch between up to four independent wireless transmitters, tracking multiple Nitrox mixes and/or buddy’s tank pressure with Buddy Pressure Check
  • 3-Axis Digital Compass with Full Tilt Compensation
  • Improved user-interface with Step Back allows for easy settings preview and for settings to be changed while viewing the menus
  • Customise your dive mode display with multiple data options
  • Confirm common pre-dive settings – defined by the user
  • Access custom Shortcut; your choice of display, setting or function
  • User Replaceable Battery with Data Retention
  • Firmware Update Ready

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